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Wushu events in Ukraine and Odessa

Wushu, qigong and massage seminar in Odessa
Seminar on traditional wushu in the club Wu-Wei , Vinnitsa region, 2011
Conference of Ukrainian Wushu Federation as of March, 5, 2011
Judges and coaches’ seminar of the Ukrainian Wushu Federation, 2011
Seminars on tuishou and traditional wushu in Rovno
Seminar with Master Mu Yu Chun in Uzhgorod, 25-27 of February, 2011.
The Stage of the Cup of Ukraine - outcomes, new photos and video of the competitions

Dear wushu professionals and fans of China culture  in the whole World.
Welcome to our site.
Wushu of China. The wushu federation of Odessa region. Ukraine.    It consists of two parts.  In Russian and in English. These two parts are very unlike enough. For example, in  English part we don't to tell about a history of wushu and culture of China. Why? It seems, that the visitors, which will reach to us know not less us.  Worldwide there are a lot of perfect sites, where it is possible to learn about wushu and a history of China. 
We work in Ukraine and task of Russian part of this site is to help  us in it.

   We train hard and persistently.  Many children come to our trainings each day and we carefully following up to their health and skill. We understand the responsibility laying on our trainers. And learn. We learn  everything, that can help  us in our work.

   Our purpose is to tell about our organization, the wushu
 news in Ukraine and in other countries and to inform about our experience. We want to find out more about you, about your successes and defeats and to try become better.

 Fedortsov Vladimir,
The President of The Wushu Federation of Odessa Region

The wushu federation of Odessa region. Ukraine. 

 We are noncommercial public organization includs sport clubs, sections and groups in Odessa and in Odessa region. We are situated in Ukraine.

Want to look our beautiful world?
Watch for our everyday life? 
Go with me ...



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