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Dear friends!
We have suggestion for collaboration between our sites.

Russian part of Internet increases with high speed. And it becomes more users of Net, which search the information in Russian about history, traditions and culture of China.


Our site Wonderful China is a leader in popularity among all Russian sites about the East, traditional methodic   of health, history of China.   There are a lot of readers on its pages and they find the information they need. 

This site is non-commercial project.   It is just window to China. 

We have some advertising opportunities and we can publish your news, articles and photo-material. We shall translate the most interesting articles for Russian readers. We can add links to your site on the Russian and English language catalogues. 

Naturally, every translated article and other your material will be accompany with the reference on your original resource    and it will be noted, that we are use the materials from your site.

We shall help you to give the spirit and the aims of your organization to all Russian readers and increase your traffic.


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